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10 ways to overcome the January blues

So the Christmas season has come and gone which can be a relief for some and a hardship for others, who might have said goodbye to friends and family. One thing is for certain, January can be a slog for the majority of us and sometimes, the blues set in. Here's a list of 10 ways to get you back on track for February.


#1. Get some headspace - This is all the rage at the moment. It seems it has become a bit of a buzz word that gets thrown about these days with little attention to what it really means. What is headspace? If you want to understand it a little more, I recommend trying the headspace app. Essentially, it is guided instruction to practical based meditation. Of course, meditation comes with it's own set of misconceptions. The only way to understand it and benefit,

is to give it go. I can't recommend it enough. Click on the links to find out more!


#2. Try something new - When is the last time you actually did something new. It doesn't have to be monumental. It can be as simple as cooking something different. Why not invest in a healthy cook book and try a new dish this weekend. I recommend Lean in 15. Delicious, easy to prepare and super healthy recipes! Here's a link


#3. Play an album you haven't played in a while - Can you remember the last time you listened to that favourite album of yours! Forget about YouTube or Spotify, dust off the CD, turn on the CD player and sit back and relax with a nice cup of your favourite tea or coffee and let the world just pass you by.


#4. Make a list of new years resolutions - keep it simple. Not many of us will be looking to climb Mt. Everest but when the new year comes around we tend to sometimes shoot for the stars and realise after a month that the motivation is gone. Make it simple folks and make it realistic. Start small and work towards improvement and progress. Overcome the small obstacles and the big goals won't take long to achieve.


#5. Instead of watching TV tonight, why not go for a walk! It's your favourite TV program and you can't miss it! That might be true and no one is saying its easy but set aside one or two evenings in a week to go for a walk. When you get back from that 20 minute walk you'll feel much better for it. For extra bonus points, drag a friend with you! They'll thank you...eventually.


#6. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while - Sometimes we tend to think about ourselves too much. Me me me me, I, I, I, I and a little more about me. Why not call a friend and wholeheartedly ask "How are you?". Believe me, if you're feeling blue, you're not alone. So call your friend and do it on behalf of all the people out there that might just be feeling, just like you.


#7. Colour - This might sound funny but colouring is a great way to find some peace of mind. I haven't tried it myself so it might be hypocritical of me to put it down as a point but I know it works for some people. It seems to have become a bit of a movement. There's a whole host of books out there that use the tag line "colour yourself calm". Give it a go, there's loads of book shops that sell these types of books. If you don't believe me, you can read more about it here


#8. Get that gym membership you keep talking about! Actually, I have to be honest, I'm not 100% about this one and I'll tell you why, everybody and their dog gets a gym membership in January so you can forget about trying to exercise and the smell of Christmas sweat hovering in the air is like water de public toilet more than eau de toilette. My advice is implement point # 5

and wait until February to get the gym membership.


#9. Create a blog - What is your passion? Why not share it with the world! Making a blog is fun. Believe it or not, this is my first blog so I can't be accused of not practising what I preach. No reason to shy away from it. You might actually have a talent and help others while you are at it. Here's a link that might help you get going.


#10. Look around and try and notice something you haven't seen before on a route that you regularly take. This might sound silly but we tend to "go into" ourselves when we feel down. This can be the root cause of why you're not your usual cheery self. Sometimes all you need is a little distraction to set your mind straight. The more you can concentrate on what's going on around you and the more you engage with the present the less likely you are to dwell on anything unpleasant in the mind. Look out for that robin on the branch, enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin, embrace the wind rushing through your hair and the rain soaking your clothes because it means your alive. It's good to be alive, isn't it?! (If you answer no to that question, proceed to point #1)


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