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Best Residential Summer Schools in Limerick

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

There's a variety of summer schools in Limerick, each with it's own unique appeal and value. In this blog we look at Limerick's top 3 residential summer schools, where they are located and what's on offer.

1. ATC at the University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is located on the outskirts of Limerick in a very large campus complete with some of the best facilities in all of Ireland including the national 50m pool.


Irelands largest and most well equipped university Excellent Facilities

Self Contained Campus Established Summer School University Grounds: School grounds are open to all visitors. Largest Campus grounds in Ireland.


Location: Outskirts of city (20 min drive from city centre)

School Grounds: Open grounds in a scenic and picturesque campus Catering: Onsite Accommodation: University Campus accommodation, hostel and homestay options Facilities: +++++

Expense: €€€€

2. Birchwater Education at Villiers International IB School

Villiers International IB school is situated within the city centre area of Limerick. As one of Irelands premier boarding schools it offers excellent facilities equipped with onsite residential accommodation with separate boys and girls living quarters as well as onsite catering facilities.


Gated and walled school grounds

Family Run Summer School

Self Contained Campus

Scenic and picturesque school grounds

Facilities : Equipped with dining hall and residential accommodation on site. Fully equipped with sports facilities including hockey, football, basketball, rugby pitches and courts.


Location: City Centre

School Grounds: Gated and Closed Campus. Scenic and picturesque location within city

Catering: Onsite

Accommodation: Onsite Residential and Homestay options

Facilities: ++++

Expense: €€€

Safety: +++++

3. The Irish College of English (ICE) at Glenstall Abbey

Glenstall abbey is located 35 mins drive outside the city centre in a secluded area in the countryside in a large campus with expansive scenic grounds. It's one of Ireland top boarding schools equipped with residential accommodation and on site dining facilities.


Location: 35 minutes drive outside city centre in the Irish countryside

Established Summer School Scenic and picturesque school grounds Excellent facilities

Self contained campus


School Grounds: Gated and closed campus

Accommodation: On-Site Residential

Catering: On-site

Facilities: ++++

Expense : €€€€

Safety : +++++

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