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5 Tips to Consider When Teaching from Home

Teaching from home sounds like a dream scenario for some while it's a daunting task for the unfamiliar. For many teachers the transition from a whiteboard to the computer can be a step into the unknown while becoming familiar with the tools necessary can take time. In this blog we look at 5 points to keep in mind when teaching from home.

1. Whatever the situation, try and get a space you can call your own and set it up accordingly. Good habits and consistency are your biggest friends.

2. It can be a little overwhelming at first when faced with an infinite amount of online tools to choose from. Less is better in this case. Figure out which online platform you're going to use and then build your system around it. There are many platforms available including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Moodle, Google classroom, Blackboard, Edmodo and much more. Your school will most likely have a preferred platform so find out what they want you to use before wasting too much time researching every platform out there.

3. Recording a lesson is a great way to preserve your work and reuse it at a later date. While things will eventually return to normal, recorded lessons are a great resource that can be utilised anytime. Perhaps you'd like to trial a flipped classroom where students watch and listen to your notes prior to class. This is a great way to structure online classes as it leaves more time to answer questions and discuss a the topic in more detail.

4. As with all walks of life, flexibility is essential for teaching. You may be asked to trial another online tool or change the way you teach. Take the opportunity to learn rather than get frustrated. It may be an asset to you in the future.

5. Keeping in touch with your colleagues is a great way to keep your motivation levels up. While being stuck inside is not easy on the mind, having a good support group helps a huge amount. Share jokes and memes and stay away from the negative news where possible. Adding a little exercise is also great way to maintain the balance in your life.

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Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your teaching and learning!

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