Digi tech is the most creative and fun way for children to learn about computers and make new friends. In a world that is increasingly becoming more technological, it is improtant to develope computing skills from a young age. The digi tech course is broken into a number of differnt levels starting at Digi Explorers followed by Digi Navigators and Digi Trailblazers. In this course we explore the world of Digi Navigators for children aged 8-11 year olds. It is equally suitable for older children with little computer knowledge. 


Course Content 


This course builds on the emerging skills and confidence with computational thinkingonline safetydigital literacy and coding. New topics are introduced for this upper primary stage and students’ coding skills are taken to the next level. Students will begin with the hugely popular and fun Scratch programming language. The programme provides a high quality, comprehensive introduction to computing for students. As they improve their basic knowledge of coding, students are introduced to and begin using their second main programming language, Python.


Classes include 

Digital design and creation 

Animation and Graphic Modelling 

Digital Presentations

Web Research

Networks, communication and collaboration 

Data Analysis and Representation 

Programming simulations and systems  

Digi Navigators - Technology Course for Children

course type
Number of Weeks
  • All students who complete a Digi programme book are be provided with a certificate of achievement. On completion of a full Digi programme (i.e. for Digi Navigator this means completing Books 1, 2, 3 & 4) students may be entered for formal assessment leading to qualification certification.

    The NCC Education Digi assessment and certification ensures students achieve recognition at each stage (i.e. for each programme book completed) as well as the opportunity to gain an internationally available Computing qualification – and global benchmark for their computing skills and knowledge – from NCC Education.