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Airport Pick Up

Rest assured that airport pick up will be provided. VIP Pick-Up can also be arranged for British and mainland EU airports as per flight details. We will meet you at your first port of entry into Europe ensuring peace of mind upon arrival in Ireland.  

Medical and Learner Protection Insurance  

In the case of any misfortunate occurrences, we have you covered with our comprehensive medical and fees protection insurance.  

Learner protection insurance 

Student Village 


Airport Pick-Up

Medical insurance

Student officer

Student Help Line 

Visa Consultation


Life doesn't always go according to plan. We provide a 24Hour Helpline for those unexpected moments.

Dedicated Student officer 

It's not always easy to adjust to a new country or culture. That's why we provide a dedicated student officer who is always available to help you through any challenges that may arise or simply to answer any of the burning questions you may have.  

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