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Trinity Integrated Skills in English 

Course Overview 

Trinity Integrated Skills in English is designed to build real life, transferable English skills required for academic purposes and employability. The essence of the ISE programme is to have the ability to interact in an authentic and meaningful way. The course achieves this through integrated reading and writing tasks and integrated speaking and listening tasks with a strong focus on real language performance. The ISE assesses the communicative skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.


The benefits of this course include 

  • Builds real life communication skills - language skill with a real life context 

  • Contemporary - Content and language integrated learning activities 

  • Flexible - Take exam modules when you are ready 

  • Perform at your best - Choose your own discussion topic for the listening and speaking exam.

  • Diagnostic report - shows how you performed and where you can develop your skills in the future. Very useful for identifying which skills need to be developed and practised to improve

Focus: Language skills with real life context
Course Duration: 1 year   
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Following completion of this course you should
  • Have improved your ability to use English both orally and in writing with improved grammatical structures

  • Be able to communicate with greater confidence in real life situations 

  • Be fully aware of your language level and which areas need to be improved.  

  • Receive module certificates showing separate results for reading, writing, speaking and listening (Pass, Merit or Distinction)

  • Trinity Integrated Skills in English qualification and certification

Work Criteria 

Students may work up to 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week during holidays. Students must obtain at least 85% attendance in order to avail of this option. CV and interview prep are included free of charge. All eligible part time positions available in Limerick City will be posted on the student notice board for students seeking employment. 

Extra Information

Course includes CV/Resume writing class and interview practice with member of school staff. Work placement assistance will be given to students. Please Note: This does not guarantee work placement.  

Accommodation Options 
Start Dates: Sept 18th/Jan 15th 2018
Days: Mon - Fri
Time: Morning and Afternoon
Course Length: 26 weeks 
Full Price: €3350 (No hidden costs)
Study hours: 15 hrs/wk   
Course Fee Includes: See below

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Course Includes 

Learner protection medical insurance
End of Course Certificate
Rosetta Stone language software

Extras Included in Course Fee

Accommodation Placement Fee

Student Course Book and Materials Fee 

Course Registration  

Exam Registration

Exam Fee

Please Note: Airport pick up not included from Dublin/Cork

Fee: €150 Single Trip