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The Best Summer School Activity Programme in Limerick?

In this blog we take a closer look at our action packed weekly summer school activity programme. As Limerick offers a huge amount of exciting activities both within the city centre and the surrounding area, students are spoilt for choice throughout their stay at Birchwater Eduction Summer School in arguably the best activity programme on offer in the region. Read on and see for yourself...


As a summer school, we pride ourselves on providing an exciting programme that is action packed with a variety of adventure activities, field and water sports, arts and crafts, half day tours, culture trips and weekly excursions. The in-class activities help improve student's overall language skills but the daily activities increase the motivation and confidence to speak and communicate effectively.

Activities are scheduled twice daily from Monday to Friday both in the afternoon and evening while excursions are provided during the weekend.

The daily schedule includes -

  • Breakfast - For more details view here

  • English language classes

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Activities

  • Dinner

  • Evening Activities

The weekly activity programme schedule includes the following

1. Monday to Thursday - Mixed Activities

2. Friday - Half Day Tours and Culture Trips

3. Saturday/Sunday - Weekend Excursions (View our Top 10 Excursions and Trips)

Request a Sample Schedule from us today -

Monday to Thursday Activities

Each day includes a different selection of activities for students to participate in -

Monday - Adventure

Get the adrenaline flowing every Monday with variety of activities on the schedule which can include Kayaking, Wall climbing, Archery, Obstacle Courses, Treasure Hunts, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Paint balling and much more.

Tuesday - Sports

Get the heartbeat rising on Tuesday with a selection which can include Basketball, Football, Swimming, Irish sports such as Hurling and Irish football, Pitch and Put, Archery, Tag Rugby and other indoor and outdoor games.

Wednesday - Arts and Crafts

For the artistic and creative students, Wednesday is a chance to shine with arts and crafts on the schedule which can include activities such as Pottery, Cooking, Painting, Drawing, Arts, Print Making, Face Painting and other creative endeavours.

Thursday - Leisure

It's important to add some relaxing and calming activities in the schedule so students don't get too worn out. The leisure activities include a variety of possibilities such as City Centre Shopping, Nature Walking, Skills Workshops, Yoga, Bowling, Free Time, Movie Club, Painting, Quizzes, Bingo, Picnics and much more

Friday - Culture (Half Day Tour)

Fridays are filled with cultural activities with students getting the chance to visit Limerick's top tourist attractions. The half day tour each Friday consists of activities such as King John's Castle Tour, an Historical Walking Tour around the city, beautiful Cathedral tours, a visit and tour of a local bar, Limerick City museum exhibitions, the famous Munster Rugby Club Stadium Tour and other wonderful locations across the city.

Saturday/Sunday - Weekend Excursion

During the weekend students have the chance to see some of Ireland's top tourist destinations with 1 full day excursion which includes the Cliffs of Mohor, Lahinch Beach, Killarney National Park, Blarney Castle and many more.

For the full details view our blog - BWE TOP 10 EXCURSIONS AND TRIPS

Evening Activities

The residential summer school includes optional evening activities which take place after dinner from Monday to Friday. The homestay family summer school programme includes optional activities twice per week.

Activities during the evening include Irish Dancing, Irish language classes, Bowling, Theatre, Cinema, Film club, Board games, Bingo, Friday/Saturday Disco, Extra English classes, Arts and Crafts, Music, Shopping trips, Reading club, Table Quizzes, Workshops, Guest Speakers, Team Games, Competitions and other fun activities.

With such a exciting variety of activities in one of Ireland's Top Boarding Schools, Limerick City offers one of Ireland's premier destinations for learning English during the summer. To request a sample programme or to find out more about the summer school programme, get in touch with us now.

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